GOALS 1: Write ’em down

This week I want to discuss goal setting. Goals can help us to focus our energy, make changes and build the needed momentum to get ourselves to where we want to go. A goal is typically something you want to be, do or have. For some people it is a dollar amount they want to earn…or about a quality of life they want to lead. Perhaps for you one of your goals is about the number of clients you want to have. Goals can be short- or long-term. What is important is that you have in mind and on paper what those goals are as well as an action plan for how to get there.

I’d like to share with you one very simple approach to setting and achieving goals. I write down my personal and business goals on a 3×5 card. Underneath the goal, I write several action steps to help me reach that goal. Following is one project-based goal I just achieved as an example: Make office environment more pleasant and inspiring.
My action steps included:

  • select hardwood flooring and schedule installation
  • select paint colors
  • call repairman for fireplace
  • get rid of books I no longer want
  • shop for new office chair

Your goal might be to write a book on Building Your Business in 2009.
Near-term action steps may include:

  • draft an outline of chapters
  • write for 30 minutes every morning after breakfast
  • gather insights from three people who have already written books

Each morning I pull my 3×5 card pack of goals out and I review them and decide what I can commit to that day toward my goal. Reminding yourself at the start of each day will help to keep you focused on your goals, while consistent daily actions will help you to achieve your goals.

© 2008 Jocelyn Canfield, ABC


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Graphic Designer/Writer/Photographer and owner of Communication Results

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