Growth: What have you done for yourself lately?

It is easy to become stagnant if you aren’t pushing yourself to engage in new things. I have engaged in a number of new activities this past month with an eye on marketing myself in different ways AND not becoming a dinosaur. I started this blog and a photography blog because I feel I have something to offer and because it imposes a discipline on me to write and to think differently. I joined Twitter where I am starting to build a new network of people who could possibly use the services of my graphic design business. I took on a different role on the board of a professional organization and am reaching out to my professional colleagues in different capacities.

I had no idea at the outset what the results would be of these new activities. I’ve met several new and interesting people through Twitter. I’ve had people from around the world reach out to me because of my photography, including a chicken farmer/photographer in rural England. People I’ve known for years have expressed curiosity about my photography, including a friend who asked me to take pictures of him. And I have had some interesting and fulfilling conversations.

These new activities are leading to personal growth and an expansion of my network. They have also taken a lot of time, so I am not certain that I will be able to continue all of these activities indefinitely, but the lesson that I take away is to be open to new things.

Take Action Challenge: What can you try that is new or has the potential to foster growth, personally or professionally? Can you volunteer for a new role in a group of which you are already a part? Have you ever considered blogging in an area that you have expertise? Is there a new piece of software that has the potential to make your life better? Try something new and share your results.

© 2008 Jocelyn Canfield, ABC


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