GOALS 5: Just three little words

I’ve written several entries on goals in the past two weeks. I promise to move onto some new topics, but this being January 1st, it seems apropos to cover goals from just one more angle. Yesterday I saw the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carey. The basic premise is that a bored-with-life guy runs into an old friend who is a disciple of saying YES! to everything because an attitude of YES opens you up to new experiences. Saying Yes leads Carey into out-of-the-box behaviors, new places, a better job and interesting relationships. (It is an otherwise fairly lame movie, but there are a few Carey belly laugh moments.)

This morning’s blog from social media expert Chris Brogan suggested choosing three goal words to shape your life for the year. These words can guide your actions both professionally and personally. I want to work with the idea of easy-to-remember words guiding your success. YES is a little too broad (and it got Jim Carey into as much trouble as good), so I am choosing words that will help me focus on areas in which I need to grow. My words for 2009 are: Focus, Posse and Care.

The more I do, the harder it becomes for me to FOCUS on what really matters – the things that are going to take me where I want to go. I am the parent of two teens. I run a business. I have clients to satisfy and deadlines to meet. Like many of you, I also receive at least 100 emails a day. Lately I have added a few new activities to my plate that are not at my core. I started a photo blog. I am exploring Twitter. While I am interested in these activities, I need to be careful to keep my eye on the ball. If I don’t focus, I could spend the whole day at my desk on email, facebook, etc., and never actually get around to billable work. In 2009, I will focus on putting first things first. I will set daily goals and accomplish those before I get to secondary activities. My goal word FOCUS will also remind me to be fully present in other areas, especially my relationships. Whether talking to my teens, a client or a friend, my FOCUS on the needs behind the words will build my relationships.

I worked with a life coach Phyllis Sisenwine and she said to me, “Don’t be a Lone Ranger. Get a POSSE“. I have definitely been known to be a lone ranger. I can do that has been my guiding motto, both professionally and personally. I don’t like to ask for help. This mentality has led me to do projects many women would never tackle, from tiling floors to power sanding…from refinishing furniture to laying a stone wall in the garden. I do all of these things myself because I don’t like to ask for help. Frankly, I like to watch men operate power tools. I like it when the cleaning lady spends four hours removing my dirt so I don’t have to. I like it when my accountant mails me the completed tax forms to sign. I have become pals with a stone mason who finished the incredible long dry-laid stone wall that I started. This year, I am going to FOCUS on building a bigger POSSE so that I can say yes to things that give my life more meaning.

Finally, I would NEVER be accused of being a person who doesn’t CARE. I have boundless love for the people in my life, but lately there hasn’t been as much of me to give because I haven’t spent enough time in self care. And when I don’t feel cared for, I start to resent the care I shower on others. Resentment is not a feeling I want to experience. Caring for myself allows me to care better for others. It’s like the safety instructions on the airplane: Put your own mask on first before helping others. I am going to look for ways to better CARE for myself, so that I have the energy to extend myself to others.

Take Action Challenge: What three words could guide you to a happier and more productive life, both personally and professionally?

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2 Responses to GOALS 5: Just three little words

  1. “What three words could guide you to a happier and more productive life, both personally and professionally?”

    Why not now?

  2. Hey Randy,
    I like your motivational words. Are there things you are putting off? “Why not now” could certainly become a mantra of my own. It is easy to put off living until the ridiculous stars in our heads align.

    Your comment led me back to this entry and made me revisit my own success on my three words. I’m still working on focus, still needing to reinforce my posse…but I am definitely getting better at self care.

    I don’t believe you and I have ever met in person, but I see your name all the time on the freelancer list. Let’s make 2010 the year we meet. Let’s get coffee and talk shop for an hour. Perhaps we can work together somehow.

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